Being a wooden yacht Sea Scamp requires more maintenance than a plastic boat and this is mainly carried out by members during the winter refit. This keeps costs down and provides members with an opportunity to learn more about the boat and to use any skills they may have such as woodwork or electrical/engineering experience.

While perfecting their painting and varnishing skills members have a chance to chat over previous years’ adventures and plan for the season ahead, all while saving money for their next trips!


Apart from routine maintenance, the club has undertaken substantial reconstruction work on Sea Scamp in order to "Preserve and sail the 50 sq. m. yacht Sea Scamp and to maintain her in a seaworthy condition". 

Although professional shipwrights and other specialists have undertaken the major jobs when necessary, most of the conservation, restoration, maintenance and refitting is done by club members.

Today Sea Scamp’s lines are the same as in 1936, though she sits lower in the water – we have an engine and much more gear which is necessary nowadays for crew safety and comfort.

The winter refit season starts in mid-November at Shamrock Quay, Southampton,  our “home port” since 1984, where she is lifted out and we build a tubular frame around her which is covered in plastic sheeting so that refitting can take place in all weathers.


For more information on being a member and participating on the refitting of a beautiful wooden yacht, send us an email at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .