Everyone who sails on Sea Scamp (member or Provisional Member) pays £42 per day sailing fee, less any allowances

Cadets (up to age 23 and in full-time education) pay £21 per day.   

Guests join the Club as Provisional Members for £10 giving them the opportunity to have a trial period of sailing with us, after which they may apply to be elected as full Members



Members pay an annual subscription, or hold shares in the club, or a combination of both. 

The annual subscription costs are:

  • For adults is £90 (£75 by standing order)
  • For cadets it is £45 (or £35) 
  • Family membership is £125 (or £110)  

The shareholding members own the assets of the club.

Refit allowance 

The refit allowance is £1.70 for each six hours refit time (a day's work).  This is credited against each day’s sailing fees during the following season.


Reciprocity with the Offshore Cruising Club (OCC)           

The OCC, which owns and operates our sister 100 square metre Windfall yacht Overlord, has a similar charging structure.  Sea Scamp members can sail on Overlord as members and are entitled to claim their refit allowance when doing so. Find out more information about Overlord on our dedicated page, or go to the OCC website.