Yacht Description

Sea Scamp is a three quarter-rigged Bermudan sloop, built to the 50 square metre class rules.   She is 41 ft overall with an 8 ft 6 in beam, constructed of mahogany on oak frames.


Every effort has been made to retain the original character of the boat, including a wooden mast.  But to comply with safety regulations and recommendations she now has modern navigation and communication equipment, a diesel engine, as well as life jackets and life raft, etc.


There are berths for six people and a galley with gas cooker which has provided many tasty meals on board.  For navigation and planning there is a well-lit chart table with charts and up-to-date Almanac and pilot books. 


There is a full set of sails including a spinnaker.  With a good wind on the beam she can maintain eight to nine knots.


SEA SCAMP is registered with the National Historic Ships UK and flies their ensign. www.nationalhistoricships.org.uk/register/1840/sea-scamp


More technical information on Sea Scamp can be found on the Sea Scamp British Classic Yacht club page. You can also visit our photo gallery.